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June 2017 -  feeling generous today? We’re on JustTextGiving, so why not text RTUG12 plus the amount that you would like to donate to 70070? There are no charges for the text and your donation is all passed directly to the Rwenzori Trust. It only costs around £6 per month to sponsor a child.

May 2017 - a reading room is being constructed in Ruboni village using the “community pot” budget. Progress is slow with only foundations and walls built so far, but it is expected to be completed in summer 2018.

January 2017 - we are now in our tenth year of the child sponsorship programme and we currently sponsor 43 children in secondary schools and further education in Uganda. In fact, the current number of children is 40 because the local admissions committee has decided (exceptionally) to award a bursary equivalent to funds for 4 children to one young person to help with their fees for attending Kyambogo University.


These are the names of the students and their classes in 2017:

Kibaba Pascal               S3
Kabugho Joycelyn          S4
Biira Loice                     S4
Bwambale Chrispus        S6
Biira Mary                      S3
Mbusa Festo                  S1
Masika Joan                  S2
Biira Irene                      S3
Kule Rogers                   S2
Kule Matia                     S1
Kabugho Harriet              S4
Kabugho Immaculate       S4
Basima Landasi              S2
Thembo Geoffrey 1          S3
Thembo Geoffrey 2          S3
Ithungu Agnes                S4
Biira Raphaeline             S6
Kabugho Joyce              S3
Nguru Amos                  S6
Mbambu Josephine         S1
Muhindo David                S4
Bwambale Rofasi            S5
Kabugho Joan                 S4
Mbambu Angela              S1
Baluku Cosmas              S6
Masika Hilda                  S5
Masareka Chrispus         S2
Masareka James            S4
Kambale Movin               S2
Biira Janet                      S3
Masika Joy                     S2
Masika Winnie                S1
Bwambale Dickson         S2
Bwambale Michael         S3
Masareka Moses            S1

Bwambale K Simon        Kampala University
Muhasa Christopher        Kyambogo University
Masika Patience            hospitality course
Muhindo Chrispus           Datamine Technical Business School

Biira Olivia                      P4